The NTH pseudo class is a very powerful way to control siblings elements of the same parent or types of the same element

As soon as you start use the NTH pseudo class, you’ll find that you can do things very easy that required from you to use a specific class for each element or group of elements


The difference between these two pseudo is that with NTH-CHILD you will affect all elements under the same parent while with NTH-OF-TYPE you’ll affect only the specific element type (e.g: div, span, p etc.) under the same parent

Let’s dive in and…

Today we are gonna make some changes. Changes that will make our life easier. No more JS to do tasks that we can do with pure HTML & CSS.

In this article I’ll try to give the most powerful HTML & CSS properties to save us lot of developing time

Position Sticky

I think this is the most exciting and important feature. It doesn’t matter if you need a sticky header, footer, sidebar or any other component on the page.

Until position: sticky arrived we needed a JS code to handle the stickiness and the position related to the page.

Nowadays with…

Remember the days you needed JS to have a nice looking scrolling on your page (gallery, slide show etc.)? Say bye bye to JS and say hi to CSS Scroll Snap.

Long time ago, while CSS was on level 1, we’ve introduced with a property to scroll items and snap them to their container boundaries. But just Firefox had a support of this. But nowadays, we have FULL BROWSERS support. Let’s dive in and abandon the JS to make pure CSS scrolling job.

What is it good for?

Let’s say that we have to compare items on our website. We need an item to compare…


I read Elad Shechter’s article on the new CSS Logical Properties (LP) and found it useful and thought to start using them today.

I’ve checked which browser doesn’t support these new LP and found that IE and EDGE don’t support them.

I thought, what can I do to start using all of those new properties this today and came up with an idea in collaboration with Eli Philosoph to write a mixin to give the user the ability to use LP along with a fall back to old version and to avoid writing the entire property name every time (they…

Itzik Pop

CSS & HTML expert @ Amdocs

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